March 10, 2016

Brandon Sanderson Creative Writing Lectures

  Brandon Sanderson is an extremely talented, best selling science fiction and fantasy author. From the Stormlight Archive to the Mistborn series, from the Rithmatist to Steelheart, he's an amazing writer with a large fan base.

  He taught several years at BYU and recorded his 2012, 2013, and 2014 course lectures from there. What this ends up being, when watched as a whole, is basically a FREE UNIVERSITY COURSE IN CREATIVE WRITING. That's exciting, so I put it in caps. If you're looking for creative writing tips, or creative writing lectures, and you want them for free...this a great place to start.

  Below are the links to his 2012 and 2013 creative writing course lectures as provided on his website, a link to the 321 Class recorded in 2014, and a link to a podcast Sanderson is a part of called "Writing Excuses." Several of the links on his website are broken, which is why I took the time to provide every link to the different lecture videos myself.

  If you found this helpful, be sure to follow us for more writing tips and resources.

2012 Lectures

If you prefer, you can get notes on the entire 2012 course here and the entire downloadable audio for the 2012 course here.

Lecture 1 videos:

Lecture 5 video:

Lecture 9 videos:

Lecture 10 videos:

Lecture 11 videos:

Lecture 1 videos:

Lecture 4 videos:

Lecture 7 videos:


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